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Dad opening a Father's Day gift

7 Gifts for the Man who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Some Dads will always say that that they don’t need or want anything…but you want to show your appreciation for their love and care. How do you surprise and delight the man who has everything — and wants nothing?

The Photogifters are here to help! Whether it’s gifts for new dads, special Father’s Day gifts for grandpa, or anything in between, we’re here to recommend gift ideas that can become truly unique and personal.

We’ve selected 7 Father’s Day gift ideas from merchants we have direct experience with — after reviewing over 50 different photo gift merchants and over 300 different products. And we’ve uncovered Father’s Day sale discounts to make this a happier shopping experience.

You can start shopping below—be sure to click on the links to get the promotion discounts.

Also, many of these merchants offer hundreds of photo gift options. If what we’ve identified is not quite right, browse their other items—we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

As always, if you need guidance or have a different photo gift in mind — just click here to send us your thoughts or questions. We’d love to help.

Note: Some, but not all, of the merchants we review on our site have an affiliate program that provides a small commission. This does not influence our recommendation decision or increase the price you pay for the product – but helps us offset the cost of this site. You can click with confidence – and thank you for your support!

Give Dad’s workspace a personal touch with a custom desk pad

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Gives Dad’s desk a whole new makeover — this custom desk pad brings a bit of home into his workspace while adding functionality.
  • This custom desk pad is more than twice as large as a mousepad providing more comfort and support for Dad’s hands and wrists during a busy day at the computer. 
  • The pointer precision reliability of the material gives Dad’s mouse a smooth experience when in use.
  • Makes Dad smile. When you use a photo of the kids, a beloved pet, shots of the garden or a favorite vacation destination, you’re giving Dad happy thoughts. 
  • This would also be a great gift for the other “dads” in your life: grandpa, uncles, brothers, or friends.

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • A custom desk pad is roughly 25.6″ wide x 20.5″ high x 0.1″ thick. This is larger than a mousepad which is typically 10″ wide x 7.5″ high. 
  • Photos are custom printed edge-to-edge onto soft, strong neoprine with a non-slip backing.
  • The print quality is excellent. Colors are brilliant and details are crystal clear.
  • You can create the design that’s right for Dad:  display a single image, make a collage using a provided template, or create a free-form montage with lots of photos. You can add text, too.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered Them Have Said

  • AWESOME! The desk pad was exactly what I was looking for and the quality surpassed my expectations. I was surprised at how fast the product arrived at my house. I would definitely order from here again.”– Bob H. from Chicago
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order The Custom Desk Pad

  • Visit Bags of Love here to shop and customize your desk pad gift with your photos.
  • Each custom desk pad is $35; you’ll save $7 each, off the regular price of $42 (17% off). 
  • During your order process, if you encounter any questions, click the “Chat” button; the folks at BOL are extremely helpful, no matter how simple or involved the question is.
  • Interestingly, the Bags of Love factory is in London; however, you’ll hopefully be surprised at how quickly the order is made…how fast it arrives via FedEx…and the cost of shipping is in line with any U.S.-based photo gift company we’ve worked with.

Custom made socks for the man who has everything

Zazzle logo

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Who doesn’t need another pair of socks?
  • Customized photo socks can be a funny Father’s Day gift or a heartwarming one.
  • You can create a sock design that best fits your Dad’s personality: a colorful, bold all-over pattern, or a more sedate color with discrete personalization where only Dad can see the message.
  • They are among the best gifts for New Dads, Dog Dads, People Dads, Step Dads, Grand Dads, Outdoor Dads, Boating Dads…just about everyone!

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Zazzle offers comfy-stretch crew socks in unisex sizing.
  • The heels and toes are 100% cotton. The main portion of the sock is 78% polyester, 20% cotton, and 2% spandex to ensure a good fit.
  • Sock designs for men come in one size:  large (fits men’s shoe sizes 8 – 13).
  • The socks are machine-washable. Tumble dry on low.
  • The socks are imported and printed by Zazzle Apparel in the United States.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Zazzle Have Said

  • 94% of reviewers would recommend Zazzle’s custom photo socks to a friend.
  • Nearly all reviews mention excellent print quality — better than what is shown on website — but a few caution that the socks may be too big. Check the sizing carefully before you order — and contact Zazzle if you have any questions.
  • Here’s what one reviewer said: “Great quality. Arrived exactly as it appeared on the customized preview. Very soft and thick socks (not overly thick, but definitely not cheap thin socks).” — Jennifer C.
  • Click here and scroll down to read customer reviews

How to Order Zazzle Photo Socks

  • Visit Zazzle here to select a personalized sock design.
  • Prices vary by design, but expect to pay roughly $23 per pair — excluding any other promotions running on the site. 
  • There are many ways to personalize Zazzle sock designs.

     –  To make them fast and easy, simply select a design and upload your own photo.

     –  Or, “click to customize further” to change colors and add text, image art, icons, and emojis.

  • The turnaround time is quick. At the time of this writing, guaranteed delivery is just 2 days. Check the website to confirm delivery time for your location.

Photo Wireless Charger…a daily dose of love

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Charging devices is a daily act of life. With a customized wireless phone charger, Dad will be reminded every day how special he is.
  • No more cords! Dad can simply drop and charge his phone on this charging pad.
  • Wireless charging is a technology that allows charging over short distances without cables. The advantage is that it is faster and easier since you don’t have to plug and unplug each time…and it looks neater.
  • Makes life simpler for Dad…while giving a daily dose of love.

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Shutterfly’s collection of personalized wireless cell phone chargers are compatible with a variety of phone models and phone cases, making them a great Father’s Day gift.
  • Shutterfly’s wireless phone charger works with all Qi (pronounced “chee”) enabled devices including: iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Moto Z, LG G6, and more.
  • Works with most phone cases.  
  • Built in feature displays indicator lights when in use.
  • Connects to the power source through a USB charging cable. Keep the cable plugged into a computer, laptop, USB wall charger, or other DC 5 volt power source and use the wireless charging pad whenever you like. 
  • What to know more about wireless charging. Check out this article or watch the video we have posted here.
  • The Shutterfly wireless phone charger is under $50, but there is always a promotion available. Expect to pay about $35.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Shutterfly Have Said

  • “I bought ten of these for gifts, and everyone loves them. They don’t work will all cases, but then none of my wireless chargers do. It is so cool the way the blue light comes on when it charges. I really like it.” — Diana, Los Angeles
  • This is a new tech gadget and Shutterfly has been very responsive to those customers who were dissatisfied. Click to read other reviews.

How to Order a Shutterfly Wireless Charger

  • Visit Shutterfly here. 
  • Shutterfly has over 35 attractive designs to choose from — and you can design your own!
  • As always, Shutterfly has great customer service if you have any questions or concerns.

Show Dad how unique he is with this very unique curved metal print

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Metal prints offer a stunning, glimmering reproduction of your photo.
  • A curved metal print raises the bar higher, creating a unique look that most have never seen.
  • Shown here as an 8×10 (but available in other sizes) this print is stand-alone; it can sit anywhere — on dad’s desk, shelf or end table.   
  • You can pick any photo you know will touch Dad’s heart…a wonderful shot of the whole family…a treasured photo of mom and child…or even an heirloom photo of him and HIS father. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • At Mixbook Photo Company — our selected merchant for this gift — your photo is printed on ultra-slim aluminum that provides a long lasting print that resists scratches and won’t stain or fade and is available in a glossy finish.
  • One nice feature is that you can use two or more photos in your metal print — or even add text, backgrounds, or other decorative elements (Mixbook calls them “stickers”). 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Printique Have Said

  • Excellent as Always. Once again Mixbook comes through with a great product! We had a photo printed on metal. It came out great and was better than expected! This was done ahead of the promised time. Mixbook is always my go to team for pictures/books/prints!”
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order A Curved Metal Print

  • Visit Mixbook here to shop and customize your Curved Metal Print with your photo.
  • You have the option of uploading your photo from your desktop, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Smugmug. 
  • The Mixbook 8×10 curved metal print costs $54.99; however, they run promotions constantly and you are likely to pay less.

If Dad is the light of your life, let him know with this Backlit Acrylic Photo Block

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • A one-of-a-kind photo gift for the man who has everything (hint, he won’t have one of these!).
  • When dad or grandpa is a photo lover, there is no better way to highlight a favorite photo that has dramatic imagery. 
  • This is the perfect gift when you have a shot with a dramatic sunset, an image of an extreme sporting event or a landscape/nature shot capturing mountains, waves or forests.
  • And, just for good measure, it has a phone recharger port in it too!

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • This highly unique Backlit Acrylic Photo Block combines an acrylic block with an LED light frame lamp to create a 3D effect to your image. 
  • Bumblejax is our selected merchant for this unique  gift. They specialize in printing images on all kinds of materials, from metal to acrylic to foamboard or even  bamboo wood. And they’ve partnered exclusively with Baselamp on this product.
  • The lamp has a touch dimmer and the photo is produced as a borderless, 1/2 inch thick diamond polished 8″x6″ optical acrylic block. 
  • You have the option of a white or black light frame. 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered from Bumblejax Have Said

  • I love Bumblejax!  I have used several companies for acrylic prints and Bumblejax is by far the best. The customer service is excellent. If you have a question, call them and they will take the time to answer all your questions. The acrylic prints are simply stunning, so crisp and vibrant. I just won first place at an art expo with an acrylic print from Bumblejax!I”. Scott C.
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order A Backlit Acrylic Photo Block

  • Due to the unique nature and cost of this product ($165), we encourage you to contact us directly to help you place your order. We can arrange for a special discount if the order runs through our account. 
  • Email us at and mention you would like to order this product. We’ll be happy to help you out. 

It is not just a photo in a frame…it has photos printed all around that frame too. 

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Dads probably always would appreciate a great photo in a frame to put on their desk or nightstand.
  • But instead of just one photo in an “expected frame”, why not customize the ENTIRE frame too?
  • This handmade picture frame lends itself to a themed presentation…a collage of a family vacation…individual photos of each family member around a favorite family photo…the options are limitless.
  • Dads and grandfathers will certainly appreciate the time you put in to creating something just for them. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • This 8×10 wooden frame is printed with a glossy finish, with a “cut-out back” to easily change the center photo.
  • The product is supplied by Bags of Love, merchant that excels in printing onto all kinds of materials. 
  • The center photo is a standard size, 4×6 print. 
  • You can order this in landscape or portrait; each frame also comes with a wall-hanging hook option.
  • Photos are printed directly onto the wood, so photos won’t scratch or peel away.

Read What Customers Are Saying About Ordering from Bags of Love

  • The picture frame I ordered was exactly what I hoped for. Definitely Recommend. I ordered a picture frame with all the grandkids on it. Turned out beautifully. Arrived a lot earlier than expected.” Angie S. 

How to Order a Printed Photo Frame

  • Visit Bags of Love here to create your Printed Photo Frame. 
  • Each custom printed photo frame is $38; you’ll save $20 each, off the regular price of $58 (34% off). 
  • During your order process, if you encounter any questions, click the “Chat” button; the folks at BOL are extremely helpful, no matter how simple or involved the question is.
  • Interestingly, the Bags of Love factory is in London; however, you’ll hopefully be surprised at how quickly the order is made…how fast it arrives via FedEx…and the cost of shipping is in line with any U.S.-based photo gift company we’ve worked with.

Give Dad a great alternative to a framed photo; a stunning metal print in an acrylic base.

Why We Think Dads Will Like This

  • Metal prints turn a regular photo into an “HD Quality” reproduction.
  • So when Dad or Grandpa opens the package to find such a shimmering photo, you can be sure to expect a “wow” coming out of his mouth.
  • When purchased with the acrylic block “holder”, the photo can live anywhere in his workspace or living space — serving as a constant reminder of the love from his family. 
  • And when you select just the right photo — a traditional family photo or a fun “caught-in-the-moment” pose, your Father’s Day gift takes on a special meaning that no other gift can match. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Metal prints are made with a process called dye sublimation, a printing method that infuses ink into the surface of an aluminum sheet using a combination of heat and pressure.
  • The infused aluminum image is available  with glossy metallic to matte finish options.
  • A clear, slotted, acrylic base holds your metal print upright, at just the right viewing angle.
  • There are a range of sizes, from rectangle to square, including classic 5×7 and 8x10s.
  • Another benefit to metal prints? They are incredibly durable. They’re scratch resistent and water resistent.
  • Our recommended merchant for this product is Printique, a recognized leader in photo prints and products (they are trusted by a huge number of wedding photographers who MUST present the very best reproduction to their clients). 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered Metal Prints Have Said About Printique

  • “Metal prints from Printique are always impressive! The quality of metal prints from Printique are consistently outstanding. They are beautifully printed, carefully packaged and delivered promptly. I always trust my very best images to Printique.“. Jim N.
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order a Metal Print in an Acrylic Base

  • Visit Printique here to create a Metal Print with an Acrylic Base.
  • One note when ordering: Some consider this a benefit, others a hassle, but Printique will not let you print a photo that is of poor quality. So be sure to use a high resolution photo when you purchase. 
  • There are often promotions running (they are typically of short duration), so if you see a sale, grab that opportunity and make your print!
  • Printique also shows you standard production time for each product, so be sure to take that into account when you order.