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Photo Puzzle with Masked Children on Hammock

Best. Photo Puzzle. Ever.

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Lots of retailers make photo puzzles but they are not the same. We reviewed several custom puzzle makers and happily discovered one of the best quality manufacturers.

Portrait Puzzles only makes photo puzzles — and they make really good puzzles. The pieces are made of thick, sturdy cardboard.  Your photo is printed directly onto high density photo board using a flat-bed, inkjet printer. This means that your image is crisp and clear — and it does not need to be laminated as is commonly done when the photo is printed onto paper and then adhered to cardboard. As a result, your puzzle pieces will hold up to repeated use.

We were surprised as well by the substantial size of the photo puzzles. These are not itsy-bitsy pieces! And we especially liked the packaging: the photo is printed on the front of the box — and on the side to make it easy to locate in a game cupboard or on a book shelf. The whole process of manufacturing at Portrait Puzzles is fascinating and you can learn more by clicking here.

Photo Puzzle Gift Idea

Portrait Puzzles come in a variety of sizes (# of pieces) and shapes. For my son’s outdoor wedding, I ordered four puzzles in sizes ranging from 30 pieces to 1,000 pieces. And I used photos with different complexity to keep the guests challenged.

It was a success! The kids loved building puzzles with their own photos on them. And some of the pictures, like the children sitting on the hammock (shown above) were a fun group activity. It was easy to build the images of the children and quite difficult to build the hammock. I especially chose this picture because I wanted to give this puzzle to the children’s family after the wedding as a unique remembrance of this extraordinary year.

There is no doubt about it…Portrait Puzzles is a great source for your next photo puzzle gift!

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