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Best Way to Organize Photos: Now there’s a starting point (and help!)

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If you’re like most people, figuring out how to organize photos has you frozen with inaction. Now there’s help.

A friend recently told us this story: “My college roommate recently ended our call by saying, ‘I shouldn’t be talking with you – I should be organizing my photos!’  I laughed but she hit a chord. Knowing the current chaos of my own photo “organization” I share her guilt — and understand her paralysis.  Organizing my family’s photos feels overwhelming. There are printed photos and digital files in so many different places! I keep putting it off. Yet, if I don’t do it, who will?

The Photogifters COMPLETELY understand your problem.

And have an easy solution to help you learn the best way organize photos.

We do it with a very simple first step.

Read about two ways you can engage a professional Certified Photo Manager to guide you on your organizing project.

If you are like most people, your photos are everywhere. Printed photos are stored in envelopes, bags, albums, and boxes. Digital photos are located on your phone, on media cards, floppy drives, CDs, and USBs tucked away in drawers. You might also have digital pictures on external hard drives, and on an old computer. And outside of your home, your digital photos can also be found in cloud storage sites like Google Photos or Apple iCloud. Favorite photos can be found in online albums on different photo sharing and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and on e-commerce sites like Snapfish and Shutterfly. You might also be the keeper of older family pictures – in photo albums, on slides in carousels, and on 38mm film and VHS tapes.

Hidden among this ever-growing collection of photos are some real “keepers”. These are pictures that document important family events or showcase a much-loved relative you don’t want your kids to forget. There are photos that make you smile with a memory, laugh with a funny family story, or cringe with an apocryphal lesson. These pictures are the illustration of your family history.

Watch this video as Cathi Nelson, Founder and CEO of The Photo Managers (an international group of over 600 trained professionals) explains why it is so hard to organize your photos and how she helps others with a proven system.

For more helpful videos from Cathi Nelson, view our video library on YouTube.

Every family needs a photo memory keeper to keep family memories accessible.

If this sounds like you (with the “help” from our selected Photo Managers), there is an added bonus. Once your photos are organized, you will find LOTS of images easily to make truly unique and meaningful gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and more. And, you’ll be able to give easy access to other family members who always turn to YOU to find treasured family photos.

We’re here to help. We know firsthand, getting started is more than half the battle.

The good news is that you can take one simple step to help you get your arms around the challenge. You can sign up for a one hour online group class called Getting Your Photos Organized – limit 3-5 people per class. Or purchase a Photo Manager Private Help Session & Consultation that will help you get organized…and give you a clear roadmap to complete the project with success.

All instructors are professional Certified Photo Managers, trained by photo management expert, Cathi Nelson.

In addition to easy-to-follow instructions, you will receive a copy of Cathi Nelson’s book, Photo Organizing Made Easy ($15 retail value).

Photo Organizing Made Easy book by Cathi Nelson

Yes, you can be a photo organizer...and a photogifter!

Just imagine a world where your photos are all digital…all in one place…easy to find…and easy to share. Imagine how much fun it will be to use one of these photos to create a special photo gift (we can definitely help you with that too!).

To learn more about The Photogifters, see About Us.

The Photogifters, Bob and Joellyn