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Gifting Idea: Surprise all your “Moms” with a Greetabl

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Often, we have more than one “Mom” in our life — a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a close friend who loves us and listens to us throughout the year. Surprise and thank them this year with a super thoughtful Greetabl.

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Great things come in small packages!
  • A greetabl is a delightful surprise: personal note, photo memories, and a special gift all rolled into one fun-to-open gift box.
  • It’s a unique and meaningful gift! Many of our followers have purchased them multiple times. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Simply said, Greetabl is a small box with a small gift — but it is so much more.
  • Every step of the 3″x3″x3″ cubed box is personalized by the photogifter — from selecting the overall pattern design to adding a private message and photos (up to 3) that are custom printed to create a one-of-a-kind gift box. 
  • As added bonus: the photos printed on the box are perforated so they can be saved — but one friend who received a Greetabl plans to frame the whole box!
  • Inside the specially designed Greetabl box is a small gift selected by the photogifter from a wide assortment of relatively inexpensive but thoughtful gifts — such as candy, bath bombs, journals and more — and gift cards from lots of retailers.
  • A basic Greetabl costs roughly $25 and delivers so much joy! 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Greetabl Have Said

  • “Love the multiple gift options based on how much you want to pay. Love the greeting/packaging choices. Love that you can personalize 3 of your own photos, that they are printed as part of the clever packaging and that they are easily removable by the recipient and can be kept as keepsakes. Love that you can personalize your message. Love the excellent tracking updates of the delivery of your package. Lastly, this is the BEST customer service I’ve ever encountered from any company”. 
    Samantha D.
  • “I received an adorable greeting from my daughter for mothers day with my fav Carmel choc popcorn and a face mask. and attached photos of her and I – priceless”. Ina J.
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How to Order a Greetabl

  • Visit Greetabl here Greetabls are as much fun to make as they are to give!
  • First, select a gift box design from the options on the website.
  • Then, select the special gift to be packed inside. Choose from a wide array of gifts that will surprise, pamper, and delight your Mom — from fuzzy socks to mouthwatering sweets to gift cards for nearly anything!
  • Then, personalize your box — with up to three photos and a private message.
  • If you are stuck for words, Greetabl has clever messages to choose from, or to prompt your own creativity.
  • It’s super-easy to order multiple Greetabls going to different addresses all in one order (a bit of a rarity in the world of e-commerce)…and Greetabl keeps you posted through every step of production, shipping, and delivery. 
  • And if you think you will send more than 4 greetabls this year (we will!), join Insider ($39) or Insider Pro ($199) and get free shipping (normally $8 each), one-day turnaround, and access to exclusive designs!
  • Exclusive offer for Photogifters:  use “photogifter15” to get 15% off. This can be applied to your orders and even subscriptions to Insider and Insider Pro!