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Get Help Making an Amazing Photo Gift

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If you’re stuck trying to settle on a special gift — or are looking for a bit of inspiration –The Photogifters stand ready to help!

Even if it’s the last minute for you, we can recommend ways to solve your gifting challenges. 

We have literally hundreds of merchant and product recommendations that can work to fit any person, young or old, male or female, family or friend.  

And, for the remainder of the holiday season, we are providing you “Gift Help” in three different ways:

wrapped packages communicating creative gift ideas
  1. “In the Moment Help”. Pop on our website, during scheduled hours.  With just a little bit of information about your gift recipient, we can guide you to things that would work for you. This is on a first-come, first-served basis (you’ll find days and hours here…no need to book an appointment), and chat live with us. 
  2. Chat Appointments”. Reserve time by clicking here and select a day/time when you will be in front of a computer. At the designated time, hop on to,  hit the “Chat” button, and enter your name. We’ll initiate the session with you then. Just to be sure, we’ll send you a reminder one hour before your appointment. Please note this is a limited capacity service.
  3. Personalized Photo Gift Assist (via Zoom). This is our concierge gift service. We conduct a short interview via Zoom to learn more about your gift recipient, giving occasion, budget, and photos you’d like to use. Then we create specific gift ideas that are “ready to buy”. You preview the options, make your selections, and you’re done! You’ll pay retail price for the products; our fee comes from manufacturer discounts.  This is a limited capacity service, by appointment only. To schedule a session, click here. 

People say the Photo Gift Assist is an invaluable service

You did a great job for Mother’s 90th birthday! The Photo Gift Assist takes all the thinking out of it. I was extremely busy and would not have taken the time to do this myself.

The fact that you came up with multiple ideas (but not too many which could have been overwhelming), was really helpful.

My Mother just loves her Accordion Mini Photo Book. She puts it in the basket of her walker and shows it to everyone to tell them what was done for her 90th birthday.

The Photo Gift Assist is just a perfect concept!”  — Cathi Nelson, West Hartford, CT

Is there a survey that I can do?  I’d like to give you 5 stars!” –Desiree Helmick, Washington DC

5 star hlp

Choose one of 3 ways to get gift help:


1. In the Moment Help – Visit us at during selected times.
2. Chat AppointmentReserve a time to work in chat mode on your gifts.
3. Personalized Photo Gift Assist  – Schedule a one-on-one Zoom session with us. You tell us about your gifting challenge and we create photo gift recommendations just for you and “ready to buy”.
We look forward to making your holiday shopping inspired, easier, and more fun!