This Photo Organizing Class Solves a Lifetime of Problems

closet needing photo organizing
  • Your photos tell the stories of YOUR life, your family, important events and relationships
  • You want these stories preserved — they are your legacy
  • But your photos are all over the place
  • And, when you need to find one, it can take hours — or days
  • Getting organized seems overwhelming…but now there’s help!

Why This Class Will Help You Get Your Photos Organized

  • It’s taught ONLINE in a 1-HOUR ZOOM meeting
  • You’ll learn a PROVEN 5-STEP PROCESS that works
  • The class is SMALL, 2- 5 people (you get individual attention)
  • Cost: $85 – and you’ll get ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED to make the project a success!

Once Your Photos Are Organized You Can...

Eliminate the Mess of Having Photos Everywhere

Easily Share Photos with Family and Friends

Make Fun and Meaningful Gifts for Family and Friends

This Class is for People Who...

  • Are downsizing and need to consolidate possessions
  • Inherited all the family photos and want to preserve and share them
  • Have a family reunion coming up and want to share family stories over the years
  • Need a gift for a milestone birthday or anniversary and want to use old and newer photos
  • Worry about possible loss of photos from a fire or natural disaster
  • Experienced a recent family event or loss, providing motivation to get the family’s photos organized
  • Have a specific group of photos or media, creating an immediate project to get organized
  • Feel their phone is overloaded with pictures and want to get it all under control
  • Don’t have a safe, secure backup of their most precious photos.

Our Photo Organizing Instructors are Trained to Help You

Allison Freedman_Certified Photo Manager

Allison W. Freedman

  • Allison is a Certified Photo Manager with a background in law and photography. 
  • She has organized and managing millions of documents as a lawyer.
  • She’s organized over 100,000 photos of her own.
  • Today she helps individual take control of their photos and videos
  • All her clients now find their photos quickly and easily, enjoying their memories over and over again.
Charissa Kovan_Certified Photo Manager

Charissa Kovin

  • Charissa is a Certified Photo Manager with a background in Human Resources.
  • She discovered early on that photos tell a story, and sharing those stories leads to deeper connections and stronger relationships.
  • Charissa combines her passion for preserving memories with a deep desire to have ALL THE THINGS organized.
  • And, she is delighted to help others do the same.
Kimberly Melton, certified photo manager

Kimberly Melton

  • Kimberly is a Certified Photo Manager.
  • Her background is in project management and marketing with an emphasis on storytelling.
  • Kimberly has always been her family’s historian and enjoys helping others organize and preserve their family stories to share with future generations.
  • Kimberly knows that your story is unique, and her job is to help you create your visual story.

You Will Get Individualized Help

Your instructor can answer your questions immediately. She knows how to deal with:
  • Old and new photos, videos, film, and slides
  • ALL TYPES of technology issues including diverse file formats, and Apple vs. Android platform differences
  • How to retrieve photos that are stored online in places such as Facebook, Shutterfly, Google, or a retailer’s website.
  • And she can recommend the best places to store photos to reduce risk from future technology changes.
All of our instructors are Professionals, certified by The Photo Managers, the world's leading educational community in the rapidly growing field of photo management.


Enroll in our Small Group Photo Organizing Classes

Cost:  $85

Class Size:  2 – 5 people

If you’d like to attend the class with friends, just let us know during scheduling.

What is Covered in The Class?

You'll learn a PROVEN 5-STEP PROCESS to select, organize & save your photos.'ll get EXPERT ADVICE AND TIPS to make your project easier, for example:

Discover places where valuable photos might be hidden (check behind a framed photo!)

Learn tools that can eliminate duplicate photos quickly (there is software help for this).

Identify the best photo among a series of similar ones. And there is so much more!


You'll get a MEMBERSHIP in a Facebook community with other photo organizers to share questions and get answers.


Plus, your instructor can be your EXPERT COACH to guide you at any stage of your project, if you wish to contract for added help.  


You'll get 8 USEFUL RESOURCES to make your project a success!

While the class is only 1-hour, you will get a complete kit to make your project a success.
Your kit will include 7 valuable checklists and tools to ensure a disciplined approach to organizing your photos:
  1. 5-Steps to Organizing Your Photos Reference Sheet
  2. Take Stock of ALL Your Photos – handy checklist to help you collect ALL of your photos and digital image files
  3. Photo Inventory Tool – useful spreadsheet to help you record what you have…and keep track of your progress
  4. Timelines for Individuals to record key events that are photo documented
  5. Timelines for Families to help you sort and date your photos quickly
  6. Keyword | Tagging List to make future photo searches fast and easy
  7. Photo Organizing Resources – recommended software tools to solve common problems
PLUS, you’ll get the reference book, Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed by Cathi Nelson.
It’s filled with valuable insights and recommendations. Cathi Nelson is the founder of The Photo Managers, a group of more than 600 professional photo organizers spread around the globe. 

Photo Organizing Made Easy book by Cathi Nelson

Retail value of this BONUS package: $125.00

People Who Have Taken the Class Find it Extremely Helpful

“This was an eye-opener for me…”

“I think one of the most important things I learned today is that there are people who are Certified Photo Managers. That was an eye-opener for me. It seems like I may be able to tackle this if I have somebody to walk the road with me.” 
– Donna, Connecticut

“I loved the…Digital Photo Hub…”

“I loved seeing the picture of the Digital Photo Hub. In my mind, I am going through every room in the house and every device and thinking, ‘that’s where we have things’.” 
— Claudia, Massachusetts

“…This is manageable!”

“It was better than I expected. (The instructor) handled it really well because occasionally I would get to the point where I’d think ‘oh, I can’t do this; this is impossible’ and she would always bring me back into recognizing this is manageable.”
— Becky, Connecticut

Think about the importance of what you get for the $85 you spend

  • Your photos are your life story and in many cases, your family history and legacy. Organizing them so that you can preserve and share them is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself and your family.
  • It’s well worth the cost of the class — just $85 and one hour of your time.
  • After the class, you’ll be well on your way to having your most important photos at your fingertips.
  • You’ll feel in control of your photo collection. 
  • And you’ll be prepared to make surprising and valued gifts, write family histories, create thoughtful memorials, design themed albums, and share memories easily with family and friends.
We want you to be completely satisfied and offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. 

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

The Photo Organizing Small Group Class is a live, 1-hour, interactive, online class designed to help you succeed in organizing your photos. During the class, you’ll learn a proven 5-step process to:

  • collect ALL your photos and digital image files
  • sort and identify the best pictures to keep
  • organize the “keepers” to find them and share them easily
  • store your photos safely so that you can recover from changes in technology or mishaps that can destroy your pictures…and preserve them for future generations if you wish.

The class is taught by a professional Photo Organizer who will also provide expert tips (e.g. how to identify the best photo among multiple copies, how to remove duplicates automatically, what is the best and most cost-effective storage system, and so much more!). 

The Small Group class is limited to 5 participants so that you can ask questions about your personal situation and learn from each other’s questions.  You can schedule the class at a day and time that is convenient for you.

The Photo Organizing Small Group class is a live, 1-hour interactive session conducted as a ZOOM meeting. The presentations are planned for roughly 45 minutes of content delivery and 15 minutes of questions. 

You are free to ask questions throughout the session. In fact, you are encouraged to identify questions that are top of mind when you register, so that your session is especially helpful to you.

Absolutely! The class is “live” and designed to be interactive. Feel free to ask your questions!  The instructors will also share their contact information and you can contract with them afterwards if you would like additional help.

You will have several tools available to you once you complete your session. In addition to knowing the process you should undertake, you will have

7 valuable checklists and tools to ensure a disciplined approach to organizing your photos; these include:

  • 5-Steps to Organizing Your Photos Reference Sheet
  • Take Stock of ALL Your Photos – handy checklist to help you collect ALL of your photos and digital image files
  • Photo Inventory Tool – useful spreadsheet to help you record what you have…and keep track of your progress
  • Timelines for Individuals and Families to help you sort and date your photos quickly
  • Keyword | Tagging List to make future photo searches fast and easy
  • Photo Organizing Resources – recommended software tools to solve common problems

The reference book, Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed by Cathi Nelson filled with valuable insights and recommendations

Membership in a Facebook community of photo organizers where you can continue to learn new information

Plus, you will have the contact information for your instructor and can contract for an ongoing relationship, if you wish.

You can reschedule your class with 24 hours advance notice by emailing us. And you may reschedule once within 4 weeks of your scheduled date and time.

Gift certificates are available for both the Small Group Class . Email us and we’ll send you all the details. 

The Photo Organizing Small Group class is taught by a professional Photo Organizer who is also a Certified Photo Manager. They are well-experienced and expert coaches who

  • completed rigorous training
  • passed several, in-depth exams with scores of 95% or better
  • have a roster of satisfied customers
  • are certified by The Photo Managers, a worldwide association of over 600 members who are experts in organizing, storing, and preserving personal images and documents.

Instructions and a link to the ZOOM session are sent once you have scheduled the class. You can access the ZOOM meeting via a

  • Computer – Windows or Apple computer with speakers or a microphone. Note that webcams are recommended but not required. Most computers and tablets have a built-in webcam.
  • Tablet – iOS or Android
  • Phone – Mobile smartphone 

While you can participate on your phone, we recommend using a tablet or computer to see the details in the presentation.

Note that the ZOOM app must be enabled on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

There is no required pre-work for the class but it will be useful to think about all the places where your photos might be hiding. 

  • Your hard copy photos might be located as framed photos on display in your home or office, and tucked away in boxes, bags, and/or albums stored on shelves and in closets, attics or basements, and even under beds. Family members might also have one-of-a-kind pictures that you would like to borrow to scan and keep a copy (Mom in her wedding dress?)
  • Your digital image files might be in your phone camera roll and in messages. They might also be in your email (all your email addresses!). And they can be found in cloud storage sites like Google Photos or Apple iCloud (among others), in digital albums at photo retailer ordering sites such as Shutterfly, Snapfish, Amazon, Walgreens, etc., and on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat.
  • You might also have many kinds of storage media including CDs and DVDs, floppy drives, SD cards, “memory” cards, USB or “thumb drives”, external hard drives, slides, negatives, old disposable film cameras, 35 mm film, and VHS or Beta videos. 

After the class, you’ll have a clear list of next steps to tackle your photo organizing project and make it a success!

Once you sign up and pay for the class, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your session. You may schedule your class for a date and time that is convenient for you over the next 60 days.

Please schedule your session as soon as possible. If we do not see it scheduled three days after your purchase, we will send you reminder emails. 

Once your class is scheduled, you will receive the ZOOM link for the class or meeting. 

We want you to find real value in our Photo Organizing Small Group Classes and Private Consultations. We will make every effort to meet your expectations. If you are unhappy for any reason with the value you received in your session, we will work with you to meet your expectations or we will refund your class registration fee.

Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!