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Merchants Review Policy and Affiliate Disclosure

How do we pick companies to review? 

When we select merchants or products to review, they come from three sources:

  1. Companies we, or our photo gift experts, have worked with professionally in the past – and know their reputation from talking with their owners or management teams;
  2. Personal experience that we, or fellow photogifters have had buying products from them;
  3. Companies or products we’ve uncovered after thousands of hours of research in the photo gift industry. For this last category, we check publicly available review sites to be sure that merchants rate highly for satisfying customers. 

How do we make money from this site?

Right now, we don’t. We started the site because we love (and want to share) the joy of photogifting.  We include direct links to merchants in our articles to make it easy for you to take advantage of our recommendations. If a company has an affiliate program, we receive a small commission ONLY if you click on a link on our site and go to their site and buy from them. This does not increase the purchase price to you. And in some cases, which we disclose, makes you eligible for special discounts.  It’s helpful when you click on our site – any commission earned goes towards paying for the cost of creating and maintaining this site. Thank you!

Currently, fewer than half of the companies we’ve written about have affiliate programs. It just isn’t our top priority for this site.  We know that if we provide you with great gift ideas and helpful photo advice that you appreciate, then we’ve accomplished our mission. Happy Photogifting!