Ideas and Advice to Make the Most Joyful and Meaningful Gifts on Earth!

How to turn any regular gift into

an extra thoughtful gift.

(Hint: just add a special photo)

“We opened our gifts last night and we were blown away by your thoughtfulness” said my normally reserved 33-year old son.  “I can’t believe you had that photograph!

My son was reacting to a holiday gift: a pair of vintage Russel Wright salt and pepper shakers, wrapped with my personal note that told their history—and a photograph that made it real.

The Story

When my husband and I were newly married we moved into a small townhouse that had been lived in by a stylish older couple, Doris and Leo. We became friends and when they moved, they gave us an odd assortment of items we might be able to use – including a pair of Russel Wright avocado green salt and pepper shakers. When our first son was born, they came to greet the baby, and we took a photo that day; Doris in her stylish dress seated with Leo on our bright yellow sofa, glasses of red wine, and our baby son in Leo’s hands.

As I wrapped these salt and pepper shakers for this son and his wife, I thought fondly of Doris and Leo and suddenly remembered the picture tucked away in a photo storage box. It is amazing how a photo imprints in your memory and brings with it the happy emotions of the event.

I searched for the photo, added it to the package, and wrote the story in the card. I loved adding this photo to the gift, documenting the original owners and showing our son that he had met them long ago.

No one could have anticipated this moment when the picture was taken. And hearing my son’s praise was a Photogifter moment!

Photogifters strive for creative gifts and meaningful gifts.  Adding a photo and its story to a present turns a regular gift into an extra-thoughtful one—and creates such happiness.

The challenge is having your photos available when inspiration strikes!  See our interview with photo management expert, Cathi Nelson, founder of The Photo Managers, formerly the Association of Professional Photo Organizers, for super-practical advice on how to organize your photos and the best way to store digital photos.