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10 Photo Gift Ideas Resources

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Mother's Day Oven Mitts

Gift Idea #1: Love, from the Kitchen

The Photo Gift Concept: Celebrate a family tradition of fun & food—with moms at the heart of it

The Occasion: Mother’s Day

Why We Like It: Unique product. Able to customize front and back with a single image or collage.

Where to Get It: Click here to explore this and other fun photo gifts at Bags of Love.

Gift Idea #2: I Knew She Loved You When…

The Photo Gift Concept: Book with “I knew Abby loved Elisha when…” stories

The Occasion: Engagement Party

Why We Like It: Introduces all family members with a welcoming, heartfelt message

Where to Get It: Click here to a wide range of photo books and other photo gifts at Printique. 

Gift Idea #3: Amusement for Kids and Adults

The Photo Gift Concept: Keep kids busy at a wedding…with a commemorative keepsake

The Occasion: A small, destination wedding with small children present

Why We Like It: Photo puzzles are unexpected…highly personal…suitable for everyone…and a fun activity at group events like graduations, reunions, weddings. They are also a gift for guests or honoree post-event.

Where to Get It: Click here to explore photo puzzles at Portrait Puzzles


Gift Idea #4: Recognize the Photo Hobbyist

The Photo Gift Concept: Beach Photo on a “Signed” Beach Towel

The Occasion: Just thinking of you…and admiring your work

Why We Like It: We all have at least one photo-hobbyist as a friend or family member; enables you to acknowledge their talent and they can “show off” their work.

Where to Get It: Click here to find photo beach towels and dozens of other photo gift printed on fabrics at Bags of Love.

Gift Idea #5: Instagram Shelf

The Photo Gift Concept: Display ALL Instagram pet photos gift recipient posted last year

The Occasion: Christmas

Why We Like It: Celebrates the giftee’s pets and their talent

Where to Get It: Click here to find photo ledge sizes and other unique photo display ideas at Artifact Uprising.

Gift Idea #6: Automatic Smile in a Box

The Photo Gift Concept: Greetabl combines a personalized message AND gift AND up to 3 photos

The Occasion: Thinking of you

Why We Like It: 100% customizable; can be used for dozens of different occasions – or just to say, “I’m thinking of you”.

Where to Get It: Click here to see all the gift and design and layout options at Greetabl. 

Mini Accordian Photo Book

Gift Idea #7: New Format Brag Book

The Photo Gift Concept: A shareable Accordion Minibook

The Occasion: Cathi’s mother’s 90th birthday

Why We Like It:  The book “fit” the situation; Cathi’s Mom had no room to display anything big…and one photo wouldn’t capture the enormity of turning 90.

Where to Get It: Click here to see all the gift and design and layout options at Mpix.

Gift Idea #8: Better than a Card

The Photo Gift Concept: Family, friends & colleagues post photo, text and video messages

The Occasion: Cousin’s milestone birthday

Why We Like It: The comprehensive interface is simple, the price is inexpensive, the impact is priceless.

Where to Get It: Click here to explore all the options and set up your own Kuduboard

Gift Idea #9: The Storyteller (digital mosaic)

The Photo Gift Concept: 200 stories, one composite mosaic photo

The Occasion: Cancer Survivor’s Birthday

Why We Like It: This is a “digital mosaic”; you can zoom in to each photo…and can print many ways.

Where to Get It: Click here to get to Mosaically where you can create your own mosaic (there’s even a free option). 

Honoring Legend Curved Metal Print

Gift Idea #10: Making of a Legend

The Photo Gift Concept: Honoring Community Leadership

The Occasion: Milestone Birthday

Why We Like It: A curved metal print is unique; its like a framed photo that doesn’t need a frame – it sits flat on whatever surface you choose.

Where to Get It: Click here to get find curved and easel-backed metal prints — along with some classic gift offerings, at Mixbook.

Helping You Solve Gifting Challenges

The Photo Gift Concept: Photo Gift Assist; invest 30 minutes to tell usabout your recipient and occasion. Share your photos. The Photogifters give you at least 5 fun, creative photo gift ideas.

The Occasion: Anytime you’re stuck trying to come up with a gift idea. 

Why We Like It: All you have to do is share some information…you get both ideas as well as the ability to see previews of the gift ideas using your photos. And you’re assured of getting the best deal or discount offered by the merchant.

Where to Get It: Click here to email The Photogifters to schedule your input session.