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7 Mother’s Day Gifts That Offer “Something Extra”

Flowers and candy are always a lovely gift. But, if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas that are truly personal, expressive, and add an extra level of joy and appreciation for Mom, The Photogifters can definitely help!

We’ve selected seven Mother’s Day gift ideas that are especially meaningful—maybe even a bit unexpected—and ALSO easy to create and buy.

We hand-picked these gifts after reviewing over 50 different photo gift merchants and over 300 different product choices. And we have purchase experience with each of the selected merchants — with good results. We’ve also identified special discounts that you can take advantage of to make this an even happier shopping experience.

You can start shopping below—be sure to click on the links provided to get the promotional discounts.

Also, many of these merchants offer hundreds of photo gift options. If what we’ve identified is not quite right, browse their other items—we’re sure you’ll find something that Mom will love!

As always, if you have questions, need guidance or have a different photo gift in mind — just click here to send us your thoughts or questions. We’d love to help.
In the meantime…Happy Photogifting!

Note: Some, but not all, of the merchants we review on our site have an affiliate program that provides a small commission. This does not influence our recommendation decision or increase the price you pay for the product – but helps us offset the cost of this site. You can click with confidence – and thank you for your support!

Put a smile on Mom’s face with a pair of Oven Mitts featuring her favorite “people”

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Oven mitts are a staple in every kitchen; imagine if Mom’s had a personal, one-of-a-kind photo on them. She’ll have a smile on her face whenever she takes them from the drawer.
  • The photo options are endless; you can go fun, sentimental or even tie into the kitchen’s color motif. You could use a photo of a beloved pet, the kids, even shots of the garden. 
  • Mitts are designed to have an image on the front and back; a collage of photos can be used and text can be added as well.
  • This would also be a great gift for the other “moms” in your life; grandma, aunts, sisters, daughters or friends.

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Oven mitts are all handmade to order, by the expert seamstresses at Bags of Love.
  • Photos are printed onto a faux suede fabric, cut to size, and then hand sewn to guarantee an excellent finish.
  • Custom oven mitts all feature a hand-stitched cream trim around the top, with a handy loop so you can hang it with your tea towels.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered Them Have Said

  • BEST GIFT I GAVE! These oven mitts came out better than I could have imagined, not only in appearance, but also in quality! They were soft, thick, well-sewn, and covered with clear, colorful photos that all came out wonderfully. I would highly recommend this gift for anyone who loves cooking!” — Cait C. from New Jersey
  • Read 43 other reviews here.

How to Order The Photo Oven Mitts

  • Visit Bags of Love here to shop and customize your oven mitt gifts with your photos.
  • Each custom oven mitt is $36; you’ll save $13 each, off the regular price of $49 (27% off). 
  • During your order process, if you encounter any questions, click the “Chat” button; the folks at BOL are extremely helpful, no matter how simple or involved the question is.
  • Interestingly, the Bags of Love factory is in London; however, you’ll hopefully be surprised at how quickly the order is made…how fast it arrives via FedEx…and the cost of shipping is in line with any U.S.-based photo gift company we’ve worked with.

Give Mom a great alternative to a framed photo; print your photo on an acrylic block.

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Acrylic blocks are a striking, modern way to display favorite photos.
  • This sturdy 6″x6″x3/4″ acrylic block can sit anywhere — on an end table, desk, shelf or even the kitchen window sill.  
  • It’s a lasting gift that doesn’t need a wall, any nails or wires for hanging so it’s useful immediately, bringing joy with every glance.
  • You can pick any photo you know will touch Mom’s heart…a wonderful shot of the whole family…a funny moment…a photo of her with her sisters…or even an heirloom photo of HER mother. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • At Mixbook Photo Company — our selected merchant for this gift — your photo is printed with brilliant clarity onto acrylic and has a high quality, long-lasting, glass-like finish.
  • Details of the photo are visible from the sides and top of the block, creating a 3D effect. 
  • One nice feature is that you can use two or more photos in your acrylic block — or even add text, backgrounds, or other decorative elements (Mixbook calls them “stickers”). 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Printique Have Said

  • Love Mixbook Products. Mixbook has always delivered high quality products. I recently ordered an acrylic block for a family member. They loved it. I am so impressed with how quickly my product was delivered and how great the image looked. Thank you.”
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order A Photo Printed on an Acrylic Block

  • Visit Mixbook here to shop and customize your Acrylic Block with your photo.
  • You have the option of uploading your photo from your desktop, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Smugmug. 
  • The Mixbook Acrylic Block costs $49.99; however, if you use this link and enter the promo code “CARE”, you’ll receive $23.00 off your order for a final cost of $26.99 before tax and shipping.

Easily keep Mom updated with the latest family photos — with a Nixplay Photo Frame

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Moms love to see the latest family photos and a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame keeps her up-to-the-minute; any photo can be uploaded or emailed to the frame in seconds.
  • Everyone in the family can contribute photos to the frame from anywhere, so Mom keeps seeing new pics.
  • And, for those moms who are not tech savvy, the entire frame can be managed remotely. The only setup needed is to connect the frame to a wireless network in the house.

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Nixplay– our selected merchant for this gift — is the best selling digital photo frame on the market, with over 1.5 million frames sold to date. 
  • There are literally nine different ways to upload photos including: anyone’s mobile phone using the Nixplay app, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Photos — even email (the frame actually has an email address so adding a photo is as easy as sending an email).
  • Frames come in three sizes, from 9.7″ to 15.6″. Mother’s Day promotional prices start at $149.99.
  • We recommend the gift-giver have the product sent to themselves so they can do the setup beforehand. That way Mom can enjoy seeing photos right out of the box. 

Read What Customers Who’ve Given a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame Have Said

  • Great gift for Gramma!  We bought this frame as a gift for my Mom as a fun way to keep connected with her kids and grandkids. Everyone has been great at uploading pictures to the frame and my Mom loves it!”. Carolyn C.
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order A Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

  • Visit Nixplay here to shop for and purchase your digital photo frame. We recommend the 10.1″ Frame — on sale for $149.99. 
  • The Nixplay products are also available at many other outlets, including Amazon and Best Buy. However, promotions and pricing vary.
  • When you use this link you are guaranteed the Mother’s Day Special discount– plus FREE SHIPPING through a offer.
  • We’ve had experience purchasing these frames for our own gifts. If you’d like some tips on how to set up your Nixplay frame, email us at and we’ll happy to help you out. It might just save you time reading instructions and manuals. 

Let Mom know how many people she has touched in her life — with a group gift from Boombox

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Moms don’t realize just how many people they influence during their life:  children and grandchildren, extended family, friends, friends of children, neighbors. It’s amazing just how many people know and love your Mom.
  • The Boombox gives everyone a chance to share a memory or simply say “thank you” — with a photo and a personal message custom printed and stored in a beautiful box.
  • This very high quality keepsake is like a “genie’s lamp” of memories…a treasure trove of happy thoughts that are re-experienced every time your mother opens the box.
  • It’s so powerful that each box comes with a packet of tissues!

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Boombox is a beautifully and well-crafted box filled with personal photos and messages that can be given one-to-one or as a group gift.
  • Each box holds up to 150 5″x7″ cards each with a unique photo and/or personal message, custom printed on premium cardstock.
  • You can add a monogram or a logo to the top of your box.
  • The process is surprisingly easy. One person takes the lead. The Boombox collaboration website is super simple, making it easy to invite and track messages as they arrive.
  • Once the lead says “we’re ready”, a Boombox artist custom designs each card with a font that reflects the photo and/or message. We were pleased by the quality of the designs — and by Boombox’s graciousness as we asked for revisions until it was “just right”.
  •  A digital pdf of the gift can also be purchased. We shared it with all of the collaborators who delighted in seeing these memories and heartfelt messages gathered in one place.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Boombox Have Said

  • Many reviewers call this “The best gift ever given”…and “The best gift ever received”.
  • Here’s what our Mom said, calling the box “My Life in Review”: “Sunday night I went to bed embracing my Mother’s Day present, THE BOX!!!  I have read each message many times and tucked the sentiments into my heart. What a fabulous gift! You have my heart, and I say this with a lump in my throat.  Mom”
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order a Boombox

  • Visit Boombox here to create one of their gorgeous boxes or a digital version of this group gift.
  • A couple of helpful ordering tips based on our experience:
  • The website says that the collaboration process takes 2-weeks. In fact, this is only an estimate. Our family gathered their contributions in about 3 days.
  • If you are short on time, you can also purchase a DIY kit:  craftsman quality box and blank cards (5″x7″, 110# card stock) to add your own photos and handwritten or drawn cards.
  • The Deluxe Boombox costs $295 for 50 printed cards; however, if you enter the promo code “photogifter25”, you’ll receive $25.00 off your order for a final cost of $270.00 before tax and shipping. 
  • The Digital Boom costs $75; use the code “photogifter5” to save $5.
  • Payment plan with 4 interest-free payments is available; sometimes helpful with a group gift!
  • Boombox is very responsive via email. Use the “Contact Us” button on the bottom of each page if you have a question. They respond quickly and graciously.

Here’s an easy way to warm Mom’s spirits — personalize this “throw” with a great photo

Bags of Love logo

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • A cozy, comfy, photo blanket is often one of the least expected, but most appreciated of photo gifts. 
  • There is something about being “wrapped” in a blanket made by your family, just for you, that can bring a warm smile to any mother or grandmother.
  • Photos printed on this throw’s fabric can be quite large and come out amazingly sharp. Other than wall art, few photo gift options can be made this big, but still be compact and easy enough to keep out on display and within easy reach.

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • This throw is made by Bags of Love — a company that specializes in printing on fabrics of all kinds. 
  •  It is made of plush velvet on the front and fluffly, soft Sherpa fleece on the back.
  • There are four size options; we recommend armchair size, 57.1″ x 41.7″ for $79.00. 
  • Other sizes include square (57.1″),  lap size (39 -3/4″ x 28- 3/4″), or large (57″x78″).
  • Back colors can be “Coral Fleece” beige or “Black Fleece”. 
  • There is a 10-year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish. 
  • Throws can be machine washed. 
  • Customization options include using a single photo or a collage of photos (Bags of Love offers a “collage maker” tool along with a fun instructional video on their website.)

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered this Throw Have Said

  • “AMAZING!I cannot say enough good things about this blanket. It is phenomenal. The printing quality is crisp and clean and the Sherpa on the blanket is so soft and warm. I had it made for my mom to keep her warm at chemo. When she opened it she was in tears. I’m in the US and it was ordered late Thursday night and it arrived the following Tuesday morning”. Jill, Omaha, NE. 
  • Read other reviews here.

How to Order a Personalized Throw

  • Visit Bags of Love here to create a Throw Blanket for your mother or grandmother, aunt, sister or friend. 
  • By using the link above, you’ll be able to save 79% off the regular price! Currently $79 for the Armchair size throw.
  • During your order process, if you have any questions, click the “Chat” button; the Customer Service folks are very helpful, no matter how simple or complex the question.
  • One note: due to the printing process, the image does not go to the edge of the blanket, You will see a white border, as though your photo is framed with super soft material.
  • The sky’s the limit — literally. You can use photos of favorite people, travel destinations, or nature — anything that makes your mother smile with warm memories.
Soft fleece back with beautifully hemmed edges
The soft fleece back of this practical and decorative "throw" is handmade with beautifully hemmed edges

Mom will never walk alone…with photo socks from those she loves

Zazzle logo

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Custom made socks are fun, colorful — and useful!
  • You can create a sock design that best fits your Mom’s personality: an exuberant all over pattern that makes a statement or a heartfelt sentiment with discrete personalization.
  • They are perfect for everyone — Moms, Grandmas, Dog Moms, and Cat Moms!

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Zazzle offers comfy-stretch crew socks in unisex sizing.
  • The heels and toes are 100% cotton. The main portion of the sock is 78% polyester, 20% cotton, and 2% spandex to ensure a good fit.
  • The socks come in two sizes:  small (women’s size 5 – 9) and large (women’s sizes 10+).
  • The socks are machine-washable. Tumble dry on low.
  • The socks are imported and printed by Zazzle Apparel in the United States.

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Zazzle Have Said

  • 94% of reviewers would recommend Zazzle’s custom photo socks to a friend.
  • Nearly all reviews mention excellent print quality — better than what is shown on website — but a few caution that the socks may be too big. Check the sizing carefully before you order — and contact Zazzle if you have any questions.
  • Here’s what one reviewer said: “Great quality. Arrived exactly as it appeared on the customized preview. Very soft and thick socks (not overly thick, but definitely not cheap thin socks).” — Jennifer C.
  • Click here and scroll down to read customer reviews

How to Order Zazzle Photo Socks

  • Visit Zazzle here to select a personalized sock design.
  • Prices vary by design, but expect to pay in the $23 per pair range — excluding any other promotions running on the site. 
  • There are many ways to personalize Zazzle sock designs.

     –  To make them fast and easy, simply select a design and upload your own photo.

     –  Or, “click to customize further” to change colors and add text, image art, icons, and emojis.

  • The turnaround time is quick. At the time of this writing, guaranteed delivery is just 2 days. Check the website to confirm delivery time for your location.

Give a little love to ALL the Moms in your life

logo for

Often, we have more than one “Mom” in our life — a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a close friend who loves us and listens to us throughout the year. Thank them for their support with a super thoughtful Greetabl.

Why We Think Moms Will Like This

  • Great things come in small packages!
  • A greetabl is a delightful surprise: personal note, photo memories, and a special gift all rolled into one fun-to-open gift box.
  • It’s a unique and meaningful gift! Many of our followers have purchased them multiple times. 

Details on the Product You’ll Be Getting

  • Simply said, Greetabl is a small box with a small gift — but it is so much more.
  • Every step of the 3″x3″x3″ cubed box is personalized by the photogifter — from selecting the overall pattern design to adding a private message and photos (up to 3) that are custom printed to create a one-of-a-kind gift box. 
  • As added bonus: the photos printed on the box are perforated so they can be saved — but one friend who received a Greetabl plans to frame the whole box!
  • Inside the specially designed Greetabl box is a small gift selected by the photogifter from a wide assortment of relatively inexpensive but thoughtful gifts — such as candy, bath bombs, journals and more — and gift cards from lots of retailers.
  • A basic Greetabl costs roughly $25 and delivers so much joy! 

Read What Customers Who’ve Ordered From Greetabl Have Said

  • “Love the multiple gift options based on how much you want to pay. Love the greeting/packaging choices. Love that you can personalize 3 of your own photos, that they are printed as part of the clever packaging and that they are easily removable by the recipient and can be kept as keepsakes. Love that you can personalize your message. Love the excellent tracking updates of the delivery of your package. Lastly, this is the BEST customer service I’ve ever encountered from any company”. 
    Samantha D.
  • “I received an adorable greeting from my daughter for mothers day with my fav Carmel choc popcorn and a face mask. and attached photos of her and I – priceless”. Ina J.
  • Click to read other reviews here.

How to Order a Greetabl

  • Visit Greetabl here. Greetabls are as much fun to make as they are to give!
  • First, select a gift box design from the options on the website.
  • Then, select the special gift to be packed inside. Choose from a wide array of gifts that will surprise, pamper, and delight your Mom — from fuzzy socks to mouthwatering sweets to gift cards for nearly anything!
  • Then, personalize your box — with up to three photos and a private message.
  • If you are stuck for words, Greetabl has clever messages to choose from, or to prompt your own creativity.
  • It’s super-easy to order multiple Greetabls going to different addresses all in one order (a bit of a rarity in the world of e-commerce)…and Greetabl keeps you posted through every step of production, shipping, and delivery. 
  • And if you think you will send more than 4 greetabls this year (we will!), join Insider ($39) or Insider Pro ($199) and get free shipping (normally $8 each), one-day turnaround, and access to exclusive designs!
  • Exclusive offer for Photogifters:  use “photogifter15” to get 15% off. This can be applied to your orders and even subscriptions to Insider and Insider Pro!

Watch a friend open her Greetabl –safely outdoors during the pandemic.