Ideas and Advice to Make the Most Joyful and Meaningful Gifts on Earth!

Photogifter Videos

We’re always looking for ways to bring you new ideas, insights and advice on photogifting. You’ll find a sampling here of some of our expert interviews and captured “photogift moments”.

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  • Look for videos on:
    • Different materials you can use to make photogifts — from glass, to metal, acrylic, wood and more. 
    • Photo book gift ideas that become one-of-a-kind keepsakes and family heirlooms.
    • Advice on how to organize your photos so they are easy to access when making photogifts.
    • And, those special photogift moments…capturing the reaction of those who get a unique and personal photo gift

Photo Gift Ideas from the Pros

 Professional photographer Deborah Loeb Bohren discusses acrylic glass pictures and how she’s used them — including as a photo gift for married couple. She demonstrates how a photo behind acrylic creates a unique and contemporary look — and covers how to get them made.

 Cathi Nelson Founder and CEO of ‘The Photo Organizers’ shows us a “Boom Box” photo gift that she received from her friends. Not only is this a highly collaborative and creative photo gift idea, but it is the ultimate way to say how much you mean to someone.

 Cathi Nelson, Founder and CEO of ‘The Photo Managers’ shares a “photo book invitation” that she made for a ladies’ retreat which captures some of her and her friends’ best memories. This shows the versatility and creativity that’s possible with photo gifts.

Photo Advice from the Pros

Professional Photographer Deborah Loeb Bohren shares her advice on the best types of paper to use for photo gifts for friends and loved ones. Its always interesting to hear how a photographer who sells their work professionally approaches an everyday photo gift decision.

 Cathi Nelson discusses the biggest mistake that people make around organizing and saving photos. This is one of a series of videos where Cathi offers invaluable advice to those who have thousands of photos and struggle to organize them.

When it comes to photo organizing help, you need to meet Cathi Nelson, CEO and Founder of The Photo Managers.  She is perhaps the world’s leading expert and author of the book “Photo Organizing Made Easy”. If you have boxes of old pictures, or a phone or PC full of them, Cathi and a worldwide team of nearly 1000 Photo Managers can help.

Photo Gift Moments

If you’re looking for a great photo gift moment captured on video, this one is worth watching. See the heartfelt reaction of a girlfriend receiving a romantic framed picture from her boyfriend. This is what photogifting is all about!

Animal lovers would probably consider this one of the best Christmas gift opening reactions. You have to see this girl’s reaction to receiving a holiday mug when she says, “Best Christmas present ever!”. It’s gift reactions like these that give us all the more desire to help you create the perfect photo gift for that someone special!

This is one of those sweet Christmas opening reactions that is too good not to share! A man reacts to opening a Christmas card from his cousin. Watch this video to see it for yourself!